The language centre of Andalas University (LC UNAND) was established in 1994 under a cooperation between Andalas University and the British Council. The cooperation includes: assisting of English native speakers in Teaching English, establishing library and Providing books in English teaching and learning, sending the Language Center’s Teaching staff to England for English language teaching program especially on Teaching Methodology, Material Selection and Development and English for Specific Purposes.

LC UNAND has experienced in English language training services within UNAND, universities and colleges beyond UNAND such as IAIN (Islmaic State University), STSI (Arts College) Pandang Panjang, such as Dinas Perikanan dan Kelautan Kota Padang (Padang Fishery & Maritime Office), Dinas Perindustrian (Departement of Industry), BNI, Sumatra Tropical Spices, Pramindo Ikat Nusantara, etc.

LC UNAND also conducts intensive trainings (e.g.,Pre-dearture training) that is especially designed to assist the lecturers who are going to study abroad for short-course programs, and international seminars.

Since 2005, LC UNAND has been appointed as regional reviewer team for IELSP (Indonesia English Language Study Program) scholarship for students to follow intensive English course and learn American culture at famouse Universities in United States of America. This is conducted in cooperation with The Indonesian Internasional Education Foundation (IIEF).

LC UNAND has also provided internationally standardized English tests such as TOEIC(R), TOEFL(R), ITP, and TOEFL (R), iBT in cooperation with the branch office of ETS (English Testing Service) New Jersey, in Jakarta.

In addition, LC UNAND also provides other foreign language trainings such as French, German, Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin. Indonesia language trainings for expatriate is available in order to maintain cooperation with some foreign embassies in Indonesia and other institutions and universities abroad from U.K, U.S.A, Australia, Asia, and Emirate Arab.